Hello world!

Hello indeed,

This is my first post, while I didn’t have anything planned for this post (you know, except to figure out how to mess with the blog itself). I will quickly go over what this blog is likely to be about.

I personally identify as a sex-positive transgender female, a kinkster, a consensual slave, and an activist. I am from middle-of-nowhere Ontario, but have spent sometime living in a number of different places. I am still kinda of youngish and am still developing my ideas about feminism, activism, sexuality, sex, and the world. Hopefully, I will be your guide to how my mind works.

Topics that will likely be covered on this blog are:

  • My personal experiences with my Princess and the larger BDSM communities.
  • My ideas of feminism, BDSM, sexuality, and sex.
  • My rants about people that really irk me within the general population.
  • Transgender and other Rainbow community issues.
  • My over analyses of my thoughts, feelings, and fantasies to do with any of the above.

This isn’t to say that I won’t get off topic or speak to something that I haven’t previously thought about; because speaking to those emerging topics is my way of learning and sorting out the thoughts in my head. I know going in that I have limitations. I am young, transgender, female, white, and (mostly) abled. As such, I realize that I speak from a place of privilege and power on many issues and a without privilege and power in others. So please just bear with me~!


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