The Ebb and Flow of my Psyche

I have noticed that a lot of my psyche happens to have a very noticeable ebb and flow to it. As a switch, this isn’t surprising for my submission/Dominance. But the same thing happens to my writing ability. Sometimes I can be one of the most verbose people on earth: writing and writing and writing till my finger cramp and my ink/battery dies. (As you may notice of the last update.) However, at other times, I am concise. During the times that I feel the need to be concise, I seem to find writing frustrating and slow. I have trouble with formatting, even more trouble with spelling and grammar, and major self-confidence issues. (That is, I feel that what I do write is complete shite.) Conversely, when I am feeling like I am able to write, I want to write. I like my work, I have fun playing with ideas on paper and find truly enjoyable.

This pattern can be seen with a lot of my other abilities too. Sometimes I worry that it means that something is wrong with me or I wonder if I should try to do something to make it more even all the time. This is one of those times. I wish that I could write like I was able to earlier in the week. I am sure that my thesis supervisor wishes that too.

As you may have noticed, I am not in a verbose mood at the moment. Likewise, I apologize if this post comes off as badly as I think it is.


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