Breathing Life into the Dead

So, you may have noticed, or not, that this site has been dead for some time. I have been checking on it and watching for comments, but mostly I left it be. The main reason for this was that I wanted the site to be accessible to as many people as possible. However, it wasn’t even accessible to me. So, I grumbled and fiddled with setting after setting, and got lost in school work and relationship stuffs. But:

I think I got it!

So, this is what has changed:

  • NEW NAME (^_^)
  • I changed the layout to something a bit more soothing to the eye.
  • Added contrast so that most of the text is white on black.
  • Added better image alt text for those with screen readers.
  • Made the text larger (the annoying way for now, since I don’t think I have proven my commitment enough to earn a CSS tweak upgrade).
  • Compartmentalized into three different blogs to keep all three spaces more on topic.
  • Organized the tag and category structure.

On top of all of this, I have made plans for topics that I would like to talk about. I have gathered resources, and I am ready to blog! I am hoping to average at least 2 posts a week through the  summer on this blog! So I shall be a blogging machine, hopefully.

Oh yeah, and I will be adding pictures! Me, pictures! Isn’t that exciting? (=P)

I hope that you enjoy the new revamped blog!


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