This week in Transgender news

There seems to have been a lot going on this week for the Transgender community. I thought that I should let everyone know what is going on. I encourage you to pass these pieces of news on to other interested parties.

Bad news:

Saturday Night Live (SNL) mocks the Male to Female transsexual community by running a skit about EstroMaxx (an hormone replacement drug). In the skit, a parody of the drug commercials that are on TV all the time was made; however, most of the jokes and laughs came at the expense of the male actors (some with full facial hair) pretending to be Transsexual women.

Scene by scene brake down:

More reading:

Craig Ferguson mocks Transfeminine people on his late night show. Ferguson had a sketch on his show where he introduced a male actor as his “half-sister.” The actor had visible facial hair and “accidentally” allowed the audience to see up his skirt where a male package was visible. During the sketch, Ferguson derided his “half-sister” as unattractive, a he-she, and unwanted. Ferguson also made a number of references to his “half-sister” masturbating.

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Research news:

Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey was released on February 3rd. Pieces of this report have come out over the past several month. This is, however, the full 220-page report, which is filled with some depressing statistics. (Questioning Transphobia)

The overview:

  • Respondents were four times more likely to live in extreme poverty, with incomes lower than $10,000
  • Respondents were twice as likely to be unemployed
  • One in four reported being fired for their gender identity or expression
  • Half said they experienced harassment or other mistreatment in the workplace
  • One in five said they experienced homelessness because of their gender identity or expression
  • 19% said they had been refused a home or apartment
  • 19% said they had been refused health care
  • 31% reported harassment or bullying by teachers
  • 41% reported attempting suicide, compared to 1.6% for the general population

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