[Update] A Quickie

*giggle giggle* Do you see what I did there? *giggle*

*clears her throat* Anyway..

If you noticed that I was gone, I am sorry about that. I have been dealing with a lot of changes over the past little while, and I imagine that I will be dealing with many more as the months roll on. However, I think that I have started to settle into my new role and my new place.

And, that was the hint for some of the changes that I have experienced as of late: I moved. This wasn’t really a minor thing for me, I moved more than 2500km across the country. (Sheesh Canada is huge). So, instead of coming to you from some little Southwestern Ontario town, I am coming to you from the largest city in Saskatchewan!

I can already feel the reader comments forming as they read that: Why Saskatchewan? There is nothing in Saskatchewan!

Well… You would think that. But, I have to say that there is far more happening in this city in the prairies than there was going on back home. Plus, there is graduate school. That’s right! I am in Graduate School and being all Graduate School-ly, whatever that means. So far, it is meant that I have a lot of reading to do, a lot of writing to do, and a major research project to begin. But, I guess that wasn’t enough for me, because I also got myself a job working in an awesomely sex-positive, sex toy shop. ( ^_^ )

So, yeah. Things have changed.

What does that mean about my blogging habit? I haven’t a clue at the moment. Over the last little while, I just didn’t have the time to even think about the blog as I went about trying to situate myself in my new home and my new town. However, now that the weather is cooling down and the demands of Graduate school are starting to kick in, I think that there may be some time for posting here and there. However, the content of those posts is going to more closely reflect what I am working on at school at the moment than some arbitrary topic around Post-Modernism or Sexual and Gender Minority issues.

… Who am I kidding? Everyone knows that I went to Graduate School to study Sexual and Gender Minority issues, so that should still be there in spade.

Anyway, I said that this would be quick and it seems to be dragging on a bit now. So, I will leave you with the TL;DR version: a list of new things to happen in my life over the last couple months.

New things:

  • Holding my first job in a retail setting
  • Starting my first year of a Graduate school program!
  • First time west of Lansing, Michigan
  • First solo drive of more than 2000km
  • First job working more than 6 hours a week
  • Possible: first time earning enough to be over the poverty line!
  • First time owning my own car

Been a Slow News…Month

So, I mentioned that I would try to get at least two posts a week up. I have been failing thus far. I have been looking for material, but it seems to be really scarce at the moment. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the news that annoys me enough to talk about here. I am thinking that I will have to expand my topics just a wee bit. Hopefully, I will be adding some of the topics that I talk with my Princess about to this blog. I know that a lot of them aren’t kink/BDSM related, but I am sure that I can find a few gems until the media starts admonishing kinky folk again.

Breathing Life into the Dead

So, you may have noticed, or not, that this site has been dead for some time. I have been checking on it and watching for comments, but mostly I left it be. The main reason for this was that I wanted the site to be accessible to as many people as possible. However, it wasn’t even accessible to me. So, I grumbled and fiddled with setting after setting, and got lost in school work and relationship stuffs. But:

I think I got it!

So, this is what has changed:

  • NEW NAME (^_^)
  • I changed the layout to something a bit more soothing to the eye.
  • Added contrast so that most of the text is white on black.
  • Added better image alt text for those with screen readers.
  • Made the text larger (the annoying way for now, since I don’t think I have proven my commitment enough to earn a CSS tweak upgrade).
  • Compartmentalized into three different blogs to keep all three spaces more on topic.
  • Organized the tag and category structure.

On top of all of this, I have made plans for topics that I would like to talk about. I have gathered resources, and I am ready to blog! I am hoping to average at least 2 posts a week through theĀ  summer on this blog! So I shall be a blogging machine, hopefully.

Oh yeah, and I will be adding pictures! Me, pictures! Isn’t that exciting? (=P)

I hope that you enjoy the new revamped blog!

Hello world!

Hello indeed,

This is my first post, while I didn’t have anything planned for this post (you know, except to figure out how to mess with the blog itself). I will quickly go over what this blog is likely to be about.

I personally identify as a sex-positive transgender female, a kinkster, a consensual slave, and an activist. I am from middle-of-nowhere Ontario, but have spent sometime living in a number of different places. I am still kinda of youngish and am still developing my ideas about feminism, activism, sexuality, sex, and the world. Hopefully, I will be your guide to how my mind works.

Topics that will likely be covered on this blog are:

  • My personal experiences with my Princess and the larger BDSM communities.
  • My ideas of feminism, BDSM, sexuality, and sex.
  • My rants about people that really irk me within the general population.
  • Transgender and other Rainbow community issues.
  • My over analyses of my thoughts, feelings, and fantasies to do with any of the above.

This isn’t to say that I won’t get off topic or speak to something that I haven’t previously thought about; because speaking to those emerging topics is my way of learning and sorting out the thoughts in my head. I know going in that I have limitations. I am young, transgender, female, white, and (mostly) abled. As such, I realize that I speak from a place of privilege and power on many issues and a without privilege and power in others. So please just bear with me~!