A New Year

So, the calendar year that is 2010 has come and gone now for me. A lot of things have changed for me this year; a lot more have stayed the same.

I hate to disappoint, but I don’t happen to do that new year’s resolution nonsense that many do. I know that picking an arbitrary goal at an arbitrary time with little to no forethought will get me nowhere.

I know that this new calendar year will be a new experience for me. I fear that I will lose something very dear to me in this next year, however, I am likely to gain something large as well. I know that life will get a little bit harder and a little bit more hectic. I expect that I will be happier than I can remember, and sadder than I can as well. I expect so many things to change, and so many more to stay the same.

I hope to savour every moment that I have. I hope that I can remember to count the seconds as they pass when time feels like it is flying. I hope that I can remember the good times when the bad come knocking and the bad when the good seem to never end. I hope that I can count my blessings. I hope survive the maelstrom that seems to be headed my way. I hope that my worries for this year turn out to be nonsense and my hopes to be true.

I wish everyone that reads this, or ever does, a happy year and the best of luck.