[Image: Political Debate Podiums, made from hard wood on a shiny wooden stage, University of Louisville Posters can be see in the background in front of the back stage curtain.]
Image by Gage Skidmore

Again, since this blog is here to focus mostly on gender and sexuality issues in and around the BDSM, fetish, and kink subcultures, I will mainly focus on my political leanings in those regards. And just a reminder, this is not meant to capture all of my thoughts on the topic, or even the majority. It is here to give readers some background on my thoughts on the matter, in a general overview type of way.


  • I am a very sex-positive person. For the most part, I tend to think that most of the taboos around sex and sexuality are very misplaced, and are usually the result of misinformation, deceit, and confusion. I blame the media and a number of religious organizations for pushing these lies and misunderstandings on generation after generation, mostly for their own benefits.
  • I stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence of any kind. I hold consent, and ability to consent, as pillars of sex and sexual activity. As such, I think that all people should have the right to have whatever kind, variety, class, or sort of sex that they like, and I think that all people should have the right to not have whatever kind, variety, class, or sort of sex that they don’t like forced on to them, or coerced out of them. Of course, I also think that constant communication is essential for safe, and enjoyable, sexual activity.
  • I think that sex, and sexual activity, should be for more that making babies. While this is a great purpose that probably should continue, I think that sex can be so much more than that.
  • I think that the use of sexual protections should be taught in schools, as well as the correct use, and correct choice for everyone’s anatomy. I think that school’s should mention that sex happens in more forms, shapes, and positions than vaginal-penal intercourse. And I think that all types of consensual relationships should be normalized within an academic setting.
  • I stand with, and among, the people united under the Rainbow. I fully support the protection and advancement of same-sex, non-sexual, bisexual, and polyamory rights


  • I lobby strongly for gender equality. I often play the role of outspoken critic, making sure those in the feminist communities in the area don’t forget that the male, transgender, gender queer, and gender non-conforming people are negatively impacted by the patriarchy as well.
  • I tend to think that the binary gender system is an outdated and useless construct that can only be used as a tool of oppression. I think that all people should be able to act however they like without having a gender label forced on to them, and I think that all people should be able to label themselves, with a wider range of labels than just male or female or man or woman.
  • I think that all people should have equal rights and protections, regardless of the way the “gendered” way that they act, or whether that fits with the gender label that others would assign them.

So, this is a little about the way that I think. If this has gotten you curious about my thoughts on a specific topic, send me a note, or simply follow along. I just can’t promise you that these won’t change; after all, I am not perfect, and I am always learning and changing.


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